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Pax is releasing an updated version of its Era vaporizer with new smart features that are meant to make vaping feel safer at a time when weed vapes have been linked to lung injuries and deaths. For buyers, it’s also supposed to offer a better vaping experience, with automated temperature controls and pods that can remember exactly how much (or little) you want from every hit. MEDICAL WEED ONLINE

The new vape, the Pax Era Pro, looks almost identical to the original Era, which was released two years ago. The new model charges over USB-C instead of Micro USB, and it has a tip with slightly chamfered edges to address complaints of the original model snagging when owners would slide it into their pockets. All of Pax’s pods are made by producers the company has chosen to work with. That means you’re locked into a proprietary weed pod ecosystem, but it also means the pods are all being vetted. (Thus far, Pax’s name hasn’t been connected to the vaping injuries.) JJ O’Brien, Pax’s chief strategy officer, says Vitamin E acetate, the chemical linked to the injuries, has primarily been used as a filler in black market oils. “All of our products are made currently without any additives,” O’Brien said. “Everything that is in that oil is found in a joint.” MEDICAL WEED ONLINE


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