Moby Dick kush

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Genetics60% sativa – 40% indica
ParentsHaze x White Widow
Flowering period60-70 days
Yield (indoor)650g/m²
Height (indoor)Medium
Yield (outdoor)1500g/plant
Height (outdoor)3.5m
Harvest time (outdoor)Mid/end October
Available asFeminized seeds
Seed bankDinafem



Buy Moby Dick kush Dinfem’s excellent Moby Dick is a winner and this isn’t just a phrase. The strain won in the “Best Sativa” class multiple times, including at the Copa del Plata in 2008 and the Summer Cup Canarias in 2011. ORDINA MARIJUANA ONLINE . She has also won several THC categories in 2011 in Valencia and the “Best Outdoor Cannabis Seed” category at the Copa Cannamex in 2015. ORDER WEED ONLINE ITALY BUY CANNABIS IN ATHENS PURCHASE CHEAP WEED IN EGER ORDER TOP GRADE AAA WEED IN NORWAY….What makes Dinafem’s Moby Dick, a mix of Haze and the fabulous White Widow stand out is her potency, enormous yields and the fact that everyone can grow her easily. After a flowering time of 60-70 days, she will reward the grower with respectable yields of up to 1500g per plant outdoors and up to 650g/m² indoors. She has a very pleasant flavour that combines a hazey aroma of pine and incense with refreshing citrus notes. Her effect is very potent and just the right thing if you want to relax mind and body. ORDINA MARIJUANA ONLINE

Buy Moby Dick kush

Also, An easy-to-grow strain, Moby Dick will flourish in most conditions, both indoors and outdoors. It is a needy plant and to grow it to its full potential, she will require high-intensity light and a nutrient-rich diet. However, once you have her satisfied, expect ridiculous yields within a flowering time of 60-70 days. Indoors it will produce a hefty yield of 650g/m², but outdoor yields are where it’s at. Outdoor Moby Dick can grow up to 300cm and produce 1500g/plant of resinous buds in optimal conditions. ORDER WEED ONLINE ITALY BUY CANNABIS IN ATHENS PURCHASE CHEAP WEED IN EGER ORDER TOP GRADE AAA WEED IN NORWAY….
Finally, Being an award winner, it can’t lack in the departments of aroma and potency. And of course, it doesn’t. A complex aroma adorns this strain; an exhilarating mix of citrus, incense, and pine. Marketed as “the most psychoactive strain” in Dinafem’s catalog, due to the THC levels being at 21%, Moby Dick packs a punch and then some. The high is very relaxing for body and mind alike.
Moby Dick is a cult classic in the cannabis growing scene. It is the grower’s choice due to its potent, hard-hitting high and the out-of-this-world yields this strain will award you with. Don’t think twice and give a shot at taming the beast that is Moby Dick.

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  1. Ajk23

    stones are good for real

  2. Ajk23

    stones are good for real

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