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Jack Herer

Firstly, BUY JACK HERER ONLINE Name after one of the world’s most renown cannabis-activists known for revolutionizing the cannabis industry, this sativa-dominant strain is love by many. Jack Herer is a 9 time award winning sativa strain that offers a phenomenally balanced experience, further accentuated by its distinct floral aroma and pleasantly dank citrus-flavours.

The overall high is quick hitting and physically euphoric; you’ll feel relaxed throughout your body yet also cognitively elevated. This strain is for the people, uplifting the spirits of users without compromising a clear-head, yielding a possible creative outlet for artists and fellow marijuana enthusiasts alike! BUY JACK HERER ONLINE buy jack herer online canada buy jack herer seeds online jack herer buy online QUALITY WEED ONLINE…


Secondly, Did your alarm just go off? Time for a wake and bake! Just getting up and needing to focus on your morning activities? Looking to advocate for change and need a creative outlet? You’re going to want to grab yourself some Jack Herer; this strain is quick-hitting bliss, creating an energizing headrush that may help produce a more focused and lucid mental state, helping its smoker feel more alert and attentive to everyday tasks.

As you smoke more, you’ll notice a slight tingle ripple throughout your body, before experiencing a calming sensation which leaves you feeling more sociable than immobilized.  Though the CBD levels are not particularly high, this strain may help with chronic body pains, minor stress, and anxiety. Jack Herer is not a recommendation for those with insomnia, as the highly stimulating nature of this sativa-dominant strain may keep its smoker awake.

Some side effects may include:

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Blood-shot eyes
Paranoia (in high doses)

THC Concentration & History

Developed in the Netherlands by expert growers at Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer’s THC concentration is approximately 17-24%, making it quite potent and an excellent choice for anyone seeking stronger effects. The potency can be even furthered by one of the many different Jack Herer shatters available such as those by Faded Extracts, or Firerock Extracts. A sativa-dominant hybrid, the strain carry a ratio of 55% sativa to 45% indica, although its exact origins and genetics are well-guard. It is believed to be derived from Haze, Northern Lights #5, as well as Shiva Skunk. Jack Herer is also known as being the derivative phenotype for other popular strains such as Jack the Ripper, Jack’s Cleaner, Jack Frost and Jack Skellington.

Appearance & Aroma

The overall appearance of this well-round strain is mute, as it carries a certain quiet confidence and The light to pale green leaves are densely pack inside the  buds, coiled bright orange pistils, with a multitude of trichomes adorning the outer layers. This makes Jack Herer a stickier bud to hold, though also such pleasure to smell. Immediately you’ll notice a sharp citrus aroma with a deep and rich zest, unveiled more as you break apart and grind down on the leaves. As you begin to smoke, this strain burns with a semblance of sage, tasting smooth and delectably herbal, with dank hints of pepper, but not as pungent as other choices. This makes Jack Herer a great choice for new smokers, as its flavours are less overwhelming and more soothing to the taste buds.


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