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Dairy Queen is a strain that truly lives up to its name with its unique cherry and cheese aroma—yes, those combine to make a good thing. Its flavor has a smoothness that many users describe as creamy, just like your favorite frozen dairy treat. This hybrid is great for day or night use as it provides relaxation without sedation. Originally bred by Subcool’s The Dank, this cross between Cheese and Space Queen seems to have up to three different phenotypes, so appearance can vary. In general, plants will be bushy and flower in 7-8 weeks. Dairy Queen’s unique aroma is very potent, so it may not be the best strain when discretion is required.

The Dairy Queen cannabis strain is a THC-rich marvel of our store. Despite its meagre size and a rather regular look, this strain packs quite a strong punch. You’ll most likely feel blessed by a sudden bout of energy and optimism as soon as you take your first smoke. To buy Dairy Queen online, MMJDirect gives you an easy and efficient purchasing method.

You only have to checkout and make sure the shipping details are correct. Canada Post will deliver the package in 2-5 business days at most. Trust in MMJDirect to ensure your privacy, discretion, and overall security while doing your purchases!

List of potential effects

First of all, this strain won’t get you couch-locked and completely sedated. While it should relax you thoroughly and put your body through a wholly comfortable experience, there is no sedation involved. You’ll most likely be active and relatively performant throughout the high. You might feel incredibly lazy though, and that’s a good thing.

Moreover, it has a very unique and potent smell, which is something like a cross between cherries and cheese. In other words, your nostrils will become hooked on the Dairy Queen as soon as you first powder it into dust. The cherry-cheese aroma will flood the room you’re in. After all, this strain comes from the Cheese and Space Queen cannabis strains.

What about therapeutic benefits?

Given the euphoric emphasis of this strain, you should be able to use it against anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues. Some of the downsides of the Dairy Queen cannabis strain include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Also, due to the potency of the aroma, it’s not very good to carry around on you if you’re trying to be low key.

Some of its uses include anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, pain (chronic or acute), and even eating disorders. That’s right, this strain might make you want to run for the fridge in a frenzy. Be sure to have some snacks at the ready, just in case you feel the pangs of hunger hitting you.

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