Australian study shows that even low CBD extracts can treat epileptic seizures


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Australian study shows that even low CBD extracts can treat epileptic seizures

Australian study shows that even low CBD extracts can treat epileptic seizures;

It’s been widely believed that CBD is the compound in cannabis with medicinal value, but a new study out of Australia shows that THC shouldn’t be discounted in medical use either, writes Jericho Knopp.
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Australia 'missing out' on nutraceutical cannabis extract market due to current federal laws


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Australia ‘missing out’ on nutraceutical cannabis extract market due to current federal laws;Key players in the emerging industrial hemp business say Australia is missing a golden opportunity to develop a nutraceuticals industry based on the non-psychoactive ingredients in the cannabis plant.

New research suggests that so-called cannabidiols or CBDs are found in plants grown for fibre or seed grain and they can treat a wide range of medical problems including serious forms of epilepsy.
But under Australian law, growers cannot harvest this material unless they are licensed by the Federal Office for Drug Control under strict security conditions.
Last January Health Minister Greg Hunt gave the green light for a medical cannabis industry in Australia.
Since then 19 licenses have been issued for medical cannabis cultivation and another 13 for cannabis narcotic manufacture.
But fewer than a thousand Australians have access to cannabis medication through their doctors and none of the imported products they have used are clinically proven.
The all-powerful American Federal Drug Agency only approved its first prescription medication derived from cannabis in June. Epidiolex has been found to reduce seizues in paediatric epilepsy.
Some of Australia’s largest producers of hemp seed food say the current laws shut them out of a potentially lucrative nutraceutical market where CBDs are sold in whole-of-plant cannabis extracts.
The products would have low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the mind-altering cannabinol.
CEO of Hemp Foods Australia, Paul Benhaim, said his parent company Elixinol Global, sold CBD products without restriction in the United States.
“What we sell in the US is hemp derived CBD supplements, which can be sold over the counter, it’s sold in health food stores, it’s completely safe for many people to consume,” Mr Benhaim said.
Andrew Kavasilas is another leading player in the hemp food industry. His company Vita Hemp hopes to manufacture 1,500 tonnes of hemp seed into food and oil products by March next year. Although Vita Hemp’s parent company is licensed to grow and manufacture medical cannabis, its food growers could not exploit the CBDs in their crops

Australian researchers will test THC on brain cancer patients


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Buy weed Australia;Australian researchers will test THC on brain cancer patients Buy to buy weed in Australia buy weed Australia uy weed sydney A group of Australian researchers will be the first to conduct a clinical trial to determine whether cannabis will kill brain cancer cells in live patients. Nearly 82 patients with glioma, a form of brain cancer, will be chosen to take medical THC for a three month period along with their regular treatment. Ideally the THC will slow the growth of cancerous cells in addition to killing them and preventing regrowth.

“The standard treatment for a brain tumor is basically surgery, chemotherapy and radiation,” said Dr. Janet Schloss from Endeavor College of Natural Health. Dr. Schloss hopes the trial will improve the patients’ overall quality of life.
“I deal with people suffering with cancer on a regular basis, and I see the loss of hope. This trial means the world – not just for me, but for patients,” said Dr. Schloss. Michael Sughrue, a neurosurgeon and one of the trial’s key investigators, says that these particular tumors can be difficult to treat as they’re often made up of hundreds of various types of cancer cells.
“We know our drugs work on some, but not all of them. So we need more bullets in our gun essentially,” Sughrue told AAP on Monday. The trial has received a lot of attention from people who hope it will help them, including Lyn Boyle, a 59-year-old woman who suffers from seizures, headaches and confusion, all because of her Glioma.
Boyle had been against the use of cannabis for most of her life but says she is becoming more desperate as time wears on and says this is her last resort. She was diagnosed with glioma in 2013 and though her tumor was at one point reduced, it is growing back aggressively.
“Even if it doesn’t work for me, it may help someone else. If it helps anybody else then that makes me happy,” said Boyle. The trial is being funded by BioCeuticals and has ethics approval as well as approval by the New South Wales Ministry of Health. It is set to begin in two weeks at the Prince of Wales hospital in Sydney.

The real benefits of eating cannabis seeds

FIRST it was a glass of kombucha with a side of goji berries, then blending chia seeds in with your smoothies and cereal became the latest superfood trend. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

But after the food regulation ministers agreed to a proposal from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to allow the sale of hemp seeds for consumption last November, the high protein “superfood” started appearing on menus across the country. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA

Consuming these hemp seeds or hemp bliss balls won’t be getting you high. Picture by Peter Lorimer

Consuming these hemp seeds or hemp bliss balls won’t be getting you high. Picture by Peter LorimerSource:News Corp Australia

Within the foodie community, there’s always been quite a bit of hype around hemp seeds, due to the ingredient being high in fibre, protein and amino acids. It’s also considered a suitable alternative for people with nut allergies, and received a five-star health rating by the Australian Medical Association (AMA). SHOP NOW
But when hemp seeds first started popping up in cafe and health food shops, the question of health benefits started doing the rounds — especially in terms of weight loss claims.
In an interview with the author of Interval Weight Loss, Dr Nick Fuller said any claims of weight loss as a result of consuming hemp seeds were simply inaccurate.
“Hemp is just another ‘fad’ hitting the shelves like the many other ‘superfoods’ being spruiked each day of the week,” he said.
“Don’t waste your money on hemp products as it is not the magic bullet everyone is hoping for. It won’t help with weight loss.” BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA
So what is to be gained from including these seeds in your diet?

Hemp seeds are said to be a good alternative for those with a nut allergy. Picture: Alan Barber

Hemp seeds are said to be a good alternative for those with a nut allergy. Picture: Alan BarberSource:News Corp Australia

Speaking to, nutritionist Kristen Beck said while there is little in the way of human trials around hemp seeds and weight loss, some of the nutritional components could assist in shedding kilos. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA
“Both protein and fibre can help trigger satiety (feeling of fullness),” she said.
“Nutritionally, it makes sense that hemp seeds could aid weight loss or weight maintenance due to their protein, fibre and essential fatty acid content.
“With regards to the essential fatty acid profile of hemp seed, one thing to consider is that omega-3 fatty acids from plant-based sources tend to require further conversion from the human body than omegas from animal sources,” she said. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA
“As yet, there isn’t a lot of scientific data as to the bioavailability — how our bodies absorb and use a product — in relation to omega-3s from hemp seeds.”
Ms Beck said what makes the seed so valuable, along with the nutritional value, is that the product is very sustainable to grow and produce in Australia.

Cannabis plant and hemp seeds, which are now sold in health food shops around Australia.

Cannabis plant and hemp seeds, which are now sold in health food shops around Australia.Source:istock

According to a new study by Galaxy Research, nearly 40 per cent of those questioned believed hemp was similar to marijuana and that foods cooked using the seeds could contain illegal ingredients, meaning many were deterred from consuming the product.
But while hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species, don’t start thinking you’ll be getting high from your smoothie.
“The high that comes from marijuana use comes from the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),” Ms Beck said. BUY CANNABIS SEED IN AUSTRALIA
“Hemp products available for sale as a food in Australia do not contain the amount of THC known to alter one’s state of mind and bodily function.”

Medicinal cannabis for Queensland

BUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLANDBUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLAND SICK Queenslanders will find it easier to access medicinal cannabis from next month, thanks to state and federal changes.

Health Minister Cameron Dick on Tuesday introduced a Bill to regulate the use of medicinal cannabis in Queensland, creating two “pathways” for patients.
It means doctors will be given as-of-right authority to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to patients with specific conditions without state approval, while others will be able to apply though their doctor to the chief executive of Queensland Health on a “case-by-case” basis.
But Mr Dick told State Parliament patients who could benefit from the drug’s use would not have to wait until the laws were passed.
He said changes were being made to state regulations to enable patients to access the treatment once the Therapeutic Goods Administration finalised its rescheduling of some medicinal cannabis products. It is due to reschedule medicinal cannabis products from a prohibited poison to a schedule 8 medicine. BUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLAND
Mr Dick said the state last week approved the country’s first medically supervised prescription and use of medicinal cannabis for a patient with a brain tumour.
HEALTH Minister Cameron Dick will today introduce legislation to pave the way for the use of medicinal cannabis in Queensland. BUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLAND
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the new laws Tuesday morning.

“My government has listened to the many points of view on this issue including from the parents of children with treatment resistant conditions who stand to benefit from this legislation,” she said.
“I have been moved by the stories of families with young children with epilepsy, suffering life-threatening seizures, and what they have to go through on a daily basis.
“Today marks another milestone for those who have campaigned tirelessly for changes that will allow access to medicinal cannabis.”
Ms Palaszczuk told the House the Bill did not give the green light to the recreational use of the drug, nor will it allow people to grow their own cannabis, even if it is for therapeutic use.
“These activities remain offences under the Drugs Misuse Act 1986,” she said.
“However, the lawful production of medicinal cannabis does present an opportunity for Queensland businesses to supply goods to this expanding market.
“My Government is working closely with industry representatives to assist them to participate in the Commonwealth’s licensing scheme for cultivation and manufacture of medicinal cannabis.”
Mr Dick told the House the government last week approved the country’s first medically supervised prescription and use of medicinal cannabis.
“This approval is specific to an individual patient and does not constitute an open approval for use of medicinal cannabis in Queensland,” he said.
“But this landmark decision will pave the way for other Queenslanders wishing to apply to use medicinal cannabis. BUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLAND
“Because we know there are patients in the community right now who may benefit from some relief that can be delivered through medicinal cannabis.”
Mr Dick said there was “overwhelming public support from Queenslanders” for the use of medicinal cannabis.
He said 1052 people completed a survey on the use of the drug for therapeutic purposes during consultation on the new laws with more than 96 per cent of respondents in favour of treatment with medicinal cannabis. BUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLAND
“Under amendments made to the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation late last year, the Chief Executive already has limited power to approve treatment with certain medicinal cannabis products,” Mr Dick said.
“To manage medicinal cannabis use in future, particularly if patient demand for this type of treatment increases, a more specific, transparent and robust regulatory framework is required.
“The new legislation will provide that framework. BUY CANNABIS IN QUEENSLAND
“It will allow the use of medicinal cannabis products in Queensland provided they are based on medical evidence and supported by clinical treatment plans.”

Originally published as Medicinal cannabis for Queensland

Superpowers of cannabis revealed


Marijuana enthusiasts have spoken of the miraculous effects of their favourite plant for more than 12,000 years, but only now are we beginning to understand the real potential of its powers.

You might have accused these pot consumers of becoming deluded by the effects of smoking high-grade bud a few years ago, but countries around the world are beginning to repeal draconian prohibition laws and allowing scientists to finally research the plant — and what they have discovered is incredible.
Speaking to after Sydney’s remarkable CannaTech conference in Sydney — where hundreds of cashed-up entrepreneurs wandered around inspecting the latest weed-growing tech — Paul Benhaim, founder of Hemp Foods Australia, said the plant may contain superpowers which could have a profound impact on our lives.
Cannabis researchers speaking at the conference claimed compounds found in the plant could potentially be used to treat a massive variety of ailments from anxiety, depression, migraines and irritable bowel syndrome to acne and even schizophrenia — all without the addiction and liver damage caused by some synthetic treatments. BUY CANNABIS OIL IN AUSTRALIA
However, you’re not going to be magically cured from just smoking a few joints this weekend.
Speakers made it clear that cannabis is incredibly complex and extracting the precise components you need to prevent harmful side-effects is still very much a work in progress.
Mr Benhaim pointed to research which has emerged over the past two decades which shows we all have something in our body called an endocannabinoid system.
This is our body’s way of processing and even creating its own cannabinoids — the chemical compounds found in the weed plant.
Working alongside our circulatory, respiratory and digestive system, it is argued the endocannabinoid system can impact our appetite, pain modulation, digestion, reproduction, motor learning, stress, and memory.

“This has only been discovered in the past few decades and it’s incredibly important because it affects the balance and communication between our cells,” he said.
“It’s hardwired into our bodies because it’s the master of our balance system — called homeostasis.
“This means that if any aspect of your health goes out due to stress your endocannabinoid system immediately responds by modifying your physiology in an attempt to restore homeostasis.
“It is one of the most important system in maintaining human health. It is literally bridge between your body and mind.”
He said people often confuse hemp and cannabis, but they are actually the same plant and parts of it such as hemp seeds — which contain almost none of the intoxicating, psychoactive property THC which makes weed smokers feel stoned — are immensely beneficial to human health.
“It’s all actually one, plant, cannabis is one single plant and there are many different parts of the plant which you can use for many different uses,” he said. BUY CANNABIS OIL IN AUSTRALIA
“Taking out the water content, your brain is made up of 60 per cent fatty acids — omega 3 and omega 6 and realised hemp seed was a great source of that.”
He claims we need a constant supply of these fatty acids in our body.
But bafflingly, this protein-rich superfood, which can be used in more than 50,000 ways uses from acne treatment to textiles, bioplastics, paper and fuel production — only became legal in Australia less than a year ago.
Australia was one of the only places in the world where it was banned.

Mr Benhaim has been debating with Aussie pollies about the effects of cannabis-derived products. Picture: Supplied

Mr Benhaim has been debating with Aussie pollies about the effects of cannabis-derived products. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

However, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approved a proposal to allow the sale of low THC hemp seed foods last year and in April 2017, Australian government ministers responsible for food regulation considered the proposal .BUY CANNABIS OIL IN AUSTRALIA
At the time, a FSANZ spokesman told SBS: “Our risk assessment found that low-THC hemp seed foods are safe for consumption and can provide a good alternative source of nutrients and polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially Omega-3 fatty acids.”
Now Mr Benhaim is debating with Aussie pollies in an attempt to make them aware of our endocannabinoid system and the potential health benefits of allowing non-psychoactive forms of weed, such as CBD oil to be made available for Australians.
“We know that the endocannabinoid system is active in embryonic stages of human development,” he said. BUY CANNABIS OIL IN AUSTRALIA
“We know that even mother’s breast milk contains cannabinoids — but we’re still told it’s not healthy or safe for you.”SHOP NOW 
When he’s told this, he simply points to the evidence.

Hemp products like this powder are said to be a good source of essential fatty acids. Picture: Nikki Davis-Jones

Hemp products like this powder are said to be a good source of essential fatty acids. Picture: Nikki Davis-JonesSource:News Corp Australia BUY CANNABIS OIL IN AUSTRALIA

United Nations research shows that 180 million people use cannabis globally and only 72 of those died after taking it — contrary to the widespread myth that nobody has died due to weed.
However, in the same period alcohol killed 3.3 million of us and tobacco killed 7 million people globally — almost double the population of Sydney every year. And, interestingly researchers in Germany even found that CBD reduces the level of alcohol in our blood.
“Synthetic cannabinoids produce frequent, unwanted side effects, which the Australian government always points to this to say we should avoid this,” he said.
“But the only problems are caused because certain chemical compounds cannot yet be totally isolated.”
Mr Benhaim added that there’s a “very fine line” between recreational and medicinal cannabis use if there’s no harm.
“We’re built for cannabis,” he said.
“People just need education, but we shouldn’t be using it until we’re 21 which is when your endocannabinoid system and your brain is fully developed.” BUY CANNABIS OIL IN AUSTRALIA