Buy Weed in Australia Easily

Buy Weed in Australia Easily

Buy Weed in Australia Easily;
Although Australia legalized the medicinal use of cannabis in 2016, accessing it remains a lengthy, bureaucratic ordeal that’s left many Australians frustrated. The introduction of a new online application was intended to simplify the process. But reports from Down Under have indicated that the road to acquiring medicinal cannabis in Australia might be bumpier than most people realize.
According to BuzzFeed News, a panel of industry experts had trouble explaining “the many layers and bureaucratic processes” involved with the application. The event, which took place at the University of Sydney on Monday, brought together government representatives, academics, and patient advocates. While the panel was “formally focused on addressing the experiences and challenges faced by all sides of the medical cannabis world,” the conversation quickly turned to “the country’s often criticized access pathway.”

Buy Weed in Australia Easily

John Skerritt, deputy secretary for health products regulation at Australia’s Department of Health, cited “the 48-hour turnaround online portals” as evidence of a streamlined application process. Lucy Haslam, a former nurse and patient advocate, said that her phone “would not stop ringing” with calls from people who experienced technical difficulties with the government’s system, reports BuzzFeed News. Some audience members shared their stories of resorting to buying cannabis from the black market, though one person in attendance “insisted that their road to legal access via the pathway had been easy.”
In July, one man avoided jail time for juicing cannabis to treat his daughters, both of whom suffer from Crohn’s disease. He told Australia’s ABC News that he turned to growing and juicing his own cannabis “after struggling to find a doctor” who would help him legally access medical cannabis. Stephen Taylor said that his family has considered going to the United States in search of an easier-to-navigate application process.
A recent SBS News report stated that “about seven people a day are being approved for medicinal cannabis” in Australia, but that it remains “severely restricted.” Patients are allegedly having to “jump through all kinds of hoops” in order to get the access they need.

Australian medicinal cannabis product prices falling rapidly


Australian medicinal cannabis product prices falling rapidly

Australian medicinal cannabis product prices falling rapidly;

The results are in from the first structured review of legal medicinal cannabis product prices in the Australian market, and it’s very encouraging for patients.
The study, undertaken by Cannabis Access Clinics Research Centre, revealed that over the past 12 months, the number of legal products available to Aussie patients is up threefold from 11 products to 35, and entry level product prices have nearly halved as pricing competition has intensified.

Patient costs higher than illegal products, but affordable for most patients

Patients paid on average A$373 per month during 3Q 2018, about 25% higher than pricing for illegal products. The cost to patients, however, remains variable depending not just by product type prescribed, but also by pharmacy margin, which fluctuates significantly from an average of 26% to as high as 140%, and by the dosage required to see benefits. CBD products are also much cheaper than those with THC. Taken as a whole, however, prices paid by many patients fall within the limits of what is considered affordable.

Epilepsy: Patients with epilepsy require much higher dosage prescriptions in order to see benefits and spent an average of A$992 per month on treatment.
Other indications: A range of other indications analyzed include insomnia, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and multiple sclerosis. The average product costs for these patients as a group was A$212 per month.

Prices expected to continue to decline as more players enter the market

Cannabis Access Clinics Research Centre expects product prices to continue to trend downwards. It’s expected that many more suppliers will enter the Australian market from established production hubs like Canada and Europe, and Australian cultivators and manufacturers are also expected to come online in 2019, further adding to pricing competition, and inevitably lower prices.

Patient access to safe and legal medicinal cannabis improving in Australia

Medicinal Cannabis in Australia is legal at the federal level, but products are strictly regulated. Products need to be pharmaceutical grade and are available from pharmacies via doctor prescription only. Until recently patients have found getting doctor prescriptions extremely difficult, but with the launch of national clinic networks such as Cannabis Access Clinics, patient numbers are now growing rapidly.